Reply To: Hi, i am a small business owner managing a designer cake business via Facebook and Instagram and i am looking to boost the visibility of my designer cakes,cupcakes,cookies etc and the how i can reach more customers.I am all about quality of my work and the designs i do for my customers. I want a sustainable volume per week/month therefore I’m not looking at quantity. What i’d like to do is reach the customers based on their requirements…e.g. being able to target customers during wedding season.And I’d like to urgently set up a website, here is my Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/deanz_design_cakes/Thanks in AdvanceZ

Hi there,

Amazing cakes!

Firstly, Manaaki is giving away 1000 free websites so apply here. https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/

There are a few ways to boost visibility on Instagram – paid and organic.
Paid is the quick way, organic is free but it takes a lot longer.

With the paid ads on Instagram you can boost the photos of your cakes to people within your area who are engaged or interested in weddings.
You can also target Mums for your birthday cakes, and people with upcoming wedding anniversaries.

For the free stuff – localise some of your hashtags. #aucklandweddings is better than #weddings as they are more likely to be potential customers.

Can you collaborate with others in the wedding or party industry and mention each-other on Instagram, do combined photo shoots or competitions etc.

Good luck!