Reply To: Hi there,I own a small CV and Recruitment Company in Christchurch, our main target group were people from abroad bringing in specialized skills to help the New Zealand job market and the economy to grow. The main clientele we’re migrants from abroad that could fill a job role that would not normally be filled by New Zealand Citizens or resident class visa holders.With border closures around the world, we are not able to target this market any longer and may not be a viable option moving forward. We want to assist New Zealanders that are unemployed to find their feet again in New Zealand and try to get back to the new normal. We were busy with a slow rollout of a new job search platform for jobseekers that were looking for work and another site where possible employers and recruiters are able to post their vacancies. My question is how would I go about in targeting Jobseekers and possible companies to use the site create their job profiles and get the site working to help make however small a dent in the unemployment figures New Zealand now faces?How do I keep possible migrants interested in the prospect of New Zealand to bring their valuable skills much-needed skills to New Zealand with borders closures looming? I have a small team that depends on me for their livelihoods I need to look after my team, their families, and my business. Any assistance would be appreciated.I look forward to hearing from you soon.


One area that has obviously been hit very hard is hospitality, there will be a ton of these businesses that simply do not reopen and lot of folks needing to find employment (and job seeking assistance, CV writing etc) generally outside of this sector.

Accessing them is a challenge, perhaps reaching out to the various industry groups such as the Restaurant Association, who I know are trying to help those who have found themselves out of a job. Their CEO is marisa@restaurantnz.co.nz, they may be able to promote your services.

Sure hope you can make the pivot from imported labour to domestic, good luck.