Reply To: I am a Stylist so most of my work is face to face with my Clients in their homes. I rely on being there on person to see and check their clothing quality and fit – whish of course is not possible under isolation restrictions. How do I keep up the connection with Clients to still have income for my services? Offering free videos and tips is not enough to keep cash flowing. I am trialling a video chat Styling Session this weekend, but unsure how to run this exactly to make a connection with a brand new Client and be able to offer her the best experience for her money within the restrictions. Any advice would be so awesome. This is such a great idea to connect with other business people! Cheers. Shiana @sheshestyledthis 

WOW guys! This has all been so incredibly helpful. Thank you for your input and ideas and ENCOURAGEMENT!

I have to be straight up and say that I asked this question and then got so busy trying to line things up as well as be a Mum to two kiddos that I’ve only just come back here!

I trialed two styles of Virtual Styling Sessions – btw I have been loving using Whereby Meetings app – waaaay prettier, user friendly from both ends and brandable on the monthly plans – but the main draw card for me was security – following on from ZOom’s security dramas.

I’ve had some great Mentoring and advice from some other like minded business peeps outside of this forum too and it really is bringing that “Competition is out, Community is in” thing to the forefront, ay?

Thank you thank you thank you!

I launched my free website thanks to Manaaki x Swiftly last week http://www.sheshestyledthis.swiftly.nz – go check it ot! I’d love more feedback if you’re willing to be blunt with me!

Aroha nui, amazing peeps!