Reply To: I own a CV writing and Recruitment Company in Christchurch. Most of our clientele to date were people from abroad seeking employment within New Zealand and Australia. With border closures around the world due to current events, I know that we will not be able to pursue this avenue any longer or until borders can reopen and there are no talks of this at all. I have been watching the news closely and with a lot of New Zealanders and migrants been made redundant during these last few weeks. I know I need to move my target audience to New Zealanders and Migrants in desperate need of finding work. Before lockdown, we were in the process of launching our new website a job search platform for Recruiters and Possible Employers to find candidates that would fit their role perfectly. The website was originally designed for people seeking employment in New Zealand or Australia.Moving our target Audience to focus on people in New Zealand only getting them back to work assisting however to help the economy and fellow New Zealanders. My question is this how would I go about launching the website to prospective Employers/Recruiters/Job Seekers using the site to use for posting vacancies, employers searching through candidates that are in New Zealand, and where job seekers can search the vacancies posted? I know there are a lot of companies that are afraid to hire anybody at this stage. How would I go about relieving some of these concerns employers have and getting them to use the site to source employees? I need to start generating a source of income in my business so I can look after my employees. I have been wracking my brain and things are looking very bleak at the moment. I have people that depend on me and the business I can not let them down. Thank you in advance.

Morena. Thank you for sharing and reaching out. Mindset is really important and also really hard in a time like this – there are many people who are struggling, and many people worried about hiring right now, at the same time there are some people who are doing well in their business, with demands from customers and they are hiring because of that demand. So finding the path to who these people are might create an opportunity on two sides. On the one hand there are businesses who are letting go of their staff and many of these are really good people and would be good employees – that is one part of the marketplace. They want all to find new jobs, new roles. The other side is the firms that are looking for great people to join them. Can you connect these up?

Both of these groups want help, want hope – I wish you all the best for that hunt.