Reply To: I have an employee that has informed me they can not work rostered shifts offered now we can reopen due to University course requirements. They are contracted to do a minimum of 10 hours per week. With a four week notice period.Have received the wage subsidy while we have been unable to trade the subsidy.Their education is their priority and mine is my business and its staff. I can not hold a position open for someone that can not work for me. How can I approach this? 

Hi Anna. Simply, your employee has an employment agreement with you that you have both signed to outline mutual expectations. They work as agreed and you provide a safe environment and salary or wages in return. If your employee is unable to meet their side of the agreement, then they will have to resign, also in line with their contacted notice period. Losing a good employee has a range of hidden costs to your business though, so consider carefully if there’s any compromise you’re willing to consider. For example, could they take annual leave or leave without pay to attend their class? If they don’t show up to work without leave being agreed, then you will have grounds to take disciplinary action that could result in their dismissal. Hopefully it won’t get to that. All the best. Fiona