Reply To: I have a few questions on contact tracing applications please – who can recommend options for a business to use – I have three examples. (1) Retail / Restaurant (2) Office Space (3) Construction Site – in each use case I am interested in the best applications for ‘simple entry/exit’ and also for ‘complex drop-ins/drop-outs’ when you have lots of people. Interested in those that are contactless such as QR codes or Text based. Finally, how these applications deal with a ‘positive test’ – actually how that will work in practice. I am asking these questions because we are getting quite a few questions off platform around the options and would love to get some guidance on the choices in front of our small business owners. 

We have been helping businesses of all sizes across NZ manage employee time and attendance through contactless (and shared) apps for many years (TimeHub and MyTimesheets), so when COVID hit we took all that knowledge and experience to build MyVisitorLog

MyVisitorLog is a Contactless Contact Tracing and Visitor Management tool which helps you Know… Who visited, When and Where, in Realtime.

Visitors or Staff “Check In” via a fast QR code through their Smartphones Browser (or a tablet post COVID)- No Pens, No Paper, No Shared Screens, No Apps, Nothing to Install!

There is also the ability for someone on your team to “check in” someone if the visitor does not have a smartphone.

We have Two Versions:
MyVisitorLog “Lite or Contact Trace Mode” – Ideal where you need to check visitors in for Contact Tracing.

MyVisitorLog Full – Ideal where you want more detailed Visitor Management with contact tracing, Visitor and Staff Health & Safety, Capture and Communicate Key Information, Instant Notifications, Multi Site, No limit to the number of devices when in tablet or “Reception Mode” and more. It is fully configurable based on what the business need.

MyVisitorLog allows you to manage Unlimited Visitors and Staff and starts at just $15 per month for the “Lite or Contact Trace Mode”

Best of all you can be set up and operational in under 10 minutes and the system does not require any training so there are no additional fees.

You can check it out at myvisitorlog.com or you can chat with me here – drift.me/stevenathan

Steve Nathan

TimeHub CEO