Reply To: I had a discussion with a business owner yesterday . He was very pessimistic about the next two years. He challenged me because of my optimism for the future. I believe opportunities will come out of this as has every depression. It will take a great deal of coloration and reimagining.I was concerned that I have a Pollyanna approach to covid and the future of the business world. I would welcome any panel thoughts 

Hi there,

I agree with you and it’s about mindset, tenacity, inventiveness, determination and a chunk of luck too.

Consider this story and perhaps share it to the business owner you were chatting to.

When the NZ government locked down the country Snap Rental, a Deloitte Fast 50 car rental business, was essentially shuttered overnight.

Tourism amounts to circa 10% of NZ GDP and with hubs in many of NZ’s major tourist destinations Snap Rentals needed to pivot and pivot quickly.

The governments business support life line gave the founders 8 weeks to mobilize and reimagine their destiny.

I volunteered the boys 40hrs of free D&Co time to support them. We assisted with business strategy, monetisation ideation, mvp design and digital replatforming. That gift of time led to me being consumed by the business and over the Easter weekend became thoroughly embroiled in developing the mvp offer. A same day, personal shopper, delivery offer.

We started with Farro and have since added a number of other outlets across NZ. We’re now a little over 4 weeks old, and have started to get drivers onboard to support the growth (we’ve got ex airline pilots, business execs, restraunteurs as drivers – many of whom we will promote into the business as it grows) with major NZ brands onboard and operating across NZ.

What impresses me about this story is the resilience and balls the Snap Rental boys had. Their tenacity and determination to save their livelihood and the livelihood of their employees.

There are of course disparate stories out there and many, many businesses shuttering but creative thinking can result in the identification of new opportunities to prosper and grow both personally and in business.

All the very best to you and stay positive my friend. It’s important for you, your family and this country.