Reply To: Hi, I run what was a successful Bed and Breakfast in Feilding, Manawatu.  We cater for motor-sport teams who visit Manfeild, but also lots of overseas and national visitors.  However, all of our bookings for the rest of the year have been cancelled, and no further reservations have been made until next year.  My husband and I rely on the B&B for about 1/3 of our income, so we are struggling.  I would love to be able to advertise through social media, but although I am very computer savvy and very good at writing and using conventional advertising (ie newsletters, databases, AirBnB etc), I have no idea how facebook/ twitter/ instagram etc works.  We do have a Facebook page, but I am very limited in my ability to use it to its fullest for promotion of our B&B.  Where can I go to get some tuition on mastering social media?  Please don’t say U-tube as I find that very frustrating. I’m in my 50’s, and would love to learn.  Thank you!

Hi Amber,
I really feel for you as the tourism sector has been hit incredibly hard, and the cancellation of the Central Districts Field Days probably didn’t help either!
I’d suggest reaching out to the Manawatu districts Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) who are part of PNCC and I believe this is CEDA – Central Economic Development Agency, and they may be offering support to upskill tourism businesses on digital and social marketing skills… I’m on the Board of Destination Great Lake Taupo and we are offering this, as well as a virtual digital drop in clinic to get help!
You can also do a quick search on-line for people offering skills/training including managed services of your social sites… I did this and saw a few, some a free, some cost a minimal fee… and there are many more:
1) https://www.theclassroom.co.nz/ looks quite good for advice on FB, Insta and others and training
2) https://www.easysocialmedia.co.nz/pricing look like they manage your social activity with you for a monthly fee.
You should make sure you are listed on the visit Manawatu webpages, the local I-sites know you, you are registered on accommodation booking sites that include B&B’s eg booking.com etc, use your prior customers as a potential source of new customers / referrals, reach out to your local community as a place for their friends and family to stay if visiting versus staying with them!
Hope some of these ideas may help…