Reply To: Please tell me how I can start an online business or website. What are the products best for onlinebusiness or website. Is it possible to get free advise and help. If yes then please tell me how I can? I have no job and I am struggling to make ends meet. I will be grateful for all the help Ireceive from you.Thanking you, With best regardsSamir Guptasamir028@yahoo.co.nz

Hi Samir, building on Vicky’s discovery thoughts, there’s a couple of questions I ask people I coach when they are thinking about creating a business or seeking work and how you lean towards your natural talents (the things you are already good at/do well). The 5 questions are

“What do you know you can do well, but haven’t yet done?”
“What have you done well that you didn’t need explained?”
“What have other people told you you’re great at doing?”
“What sorts of activities do you finish and think, ‘I can’t wait to do that again’?”
“What are you doing when time seems to disappear?”

Good luck with your discovery.