Reply To: Hi all – I am a startup business manufacturing healthy dry baking mixes. I’m wanting to get my products allergen tested for gluten, dairy and nuts (the ingredients are gluten free, dairy free, and nut free, and the suppliers and myself have strict food control processes in place, however my suppliers note that allergen free claims should not be made unless tests are done). What is the easiest and best way to get these tests done? I’m aware of several labs in NZ that can do it however the costs seem to be quite high. I’m wondering if there are any alternatives – e.g. buying a test kit where I can test the products myself on a regular basis.Any and all advice appreciated!!Thank you :)Shayna 

Kia ora Shayna, Vicky Taylor would be helpful with this question… I will forward the link to her… also the food bowl are always pretty helpful in this space too. https://foodinnovationnetwork.co.nz/locations/foodbowl