Reply To: I had a discussion with a business owner yesterday . He was very pessimistic about the next two years. He challenged me because of my optimism for the future. I believe opportunities will come out of this as has every depression. It will take a great deal of coloration and reimagining.I was concerned that I have a Pollyanna approach to covid and the future of the business world. I would welcome any panel thoughts 

That must have been a really tough discussion to have. Like you, I am on the optimistic side, a lot of small to medium sized businesses have taken this opportunity to pull their socks up and move into the digital world fast, and that pivot has created successes for many. However there will certainly be business casualties from these events and other businesses that survive but will take years to rebuild – I recognise how difficult that will be for many. A business owner once said to me that her mantra was ‘Adapt or die’. Businesses change and grow as does the climate they live in. Business is always a risk, and I admire those that believe in their vision enough to take it, regardless of the outcome.