Reply To: Hi Experts  bonjour-havelock-north.myshopify.comAbove is the link to my online store set up by myself, with remote help from a friend over the last five weeks.  It isn’t working.  Once you see it I’m sure you’ll know why.  It’s clunky, hard to navigate and rather boring.  I don’t know what else to do.  I’ve attended multiple online courses and am overwhelmed.  I’m not tech savvy (circa 1960) but have tried my very best. I have spent a lot of time loading stock onto the store and still have a lot more to do in that regard. I understand I need branding and marketing strategies also. I need help with this too. I’ve owned my store for only 19 months and I love it so much and I’m feeling desperate not to lose it. Thank you in advance for your help.

I agree with Juanita, you have done a much better job than you think! Your next step is definitely driving traffic to your website and I would start doing this from your Facebook page first. Focus on the clothing items you think of as ‘hero pieces’ and make a big deal of them! I can see a metallic pleat skirt and a floral dress by the brand ‘Koraline’ on your Facebook page that are not on your online store. Those ‘on trend’ pieces are worth giving lots of promotion, do a live video on your page talking about the hot pieces in store, post photos of them and talk about how you can style them. Your customer needs you to take down the ‘barriers to buy’ before they will purchase. Try to ask questions on your posts so people will answer them and drive engagement. For example, ask “Which dress would you rather wear?” with photos of two dresses. When your customers comment on your posts it has a ripple effect, more of their friends see the post, and may comment and so on. You’re doing so well in a tricky situation, keep adapting, you can do it!