Reply To: I was in the process of buying a cafe when the Covid 19 struck. I wanted to turn it into a day cafe cum evening wine & dessert bar, something that my town does not currently have. However, it is becoming hard for me to secure a bank loan because I do not know if a bank would give me an unsecured business loan at this time. is the government providing any support for a new business to be set up that would be able to contribute to employing people and help stimulate the town’s economy in its own small way? 

HI there – I am not aware of ‘national’ grants for starting businesses or even regional grants. There is the new small business cashflow loan via the IRD, which you could investigate however it requires that the business must have been set up pre 1 April 2020 from what I recall – you can see the criteria on the IRD webstie and also have a look here – https://covid19.govt.nz/businesses-and-employees/businesses-and-services/