Reply To: Hi Team. I’ve created a range of nutritionally boosted pet treats  Our signature product is a range of nutritionally boosted “bliss balls” (a first in the market ) for pets (chicken and pilchard, meat lovers , lamb and blueberry and a pet friendly Peanut butter “Pawnut butter” (Not for human consumption) Both packed with grass fed organs, flax , hemp , bone broth and more. Our products are all “Born and bred in NZ , trademarked Registered and recipe tested  Our products are all dehydrated, not freeze dried or oven baked. Dehydration means all the goodness of the ingredients are retained in the finished product .  Our biggest hurdle is finding a commercially viable dehydration facility to get us into the mass production phase. Before we go out to market (We already have sales via 2 pet stores) to start selling online and in stores , China Singapore ….we need to ensure we can meet demand once we go live. My first question is :We are wanting advice on whether we invest in the technology in house production or we find a partner in the industry …… Any advice is priceless. Thx so much. Aprilanne …..Malos mum 

Wow! This sounds like exactly the sort of niche product that could really take off, with the right channels to market, and strong marketing support. Well done!
I’d encourage your to consider whether you have the expertise / desire to learn how to run a manufacturing operation. I’m really leaning towards contract manufacturing for your product, especially as it sounds like your ingredients are all food-quality anyway, so that should make your options quite wide.
I’d talk to other niche food producers (of human type foods, probably) who are using dehydration facilities. Also have you spoken to the team at the Food Bowl, which I understand has all the facilities to enable you to produce small batches as well?
Good luck! Remember pet owners be CRAZY about treats for their beloved furbabies!