Reply To: I work in the Beauty industry & have a pregnant staff who claims she cannot work till level 1 due to distancing. We have zero active cases in our region and I have had to turn away all of her clients until she can return, even when she returns, I cannot guarantee her clients will return. She has children who are heading back to school and is not staying home during level 2, isn’t that just as risky as coming to work? Any tips or info would help thank you 

Thank you for that. We wear masks and gloves, I feel she is just wanting to be paid and not be at work to be honest. Her risks she is taking out of work are no different that the raise at work. Like I said we have zero cases in our region. I’m getting really frustrated. I cannot find a casual to cover her, our clients will simply not see some person they’ve never met, so I am trying to cover some of her hours and then sending the remaining clients elsewhere, I’m simply loosing 50% of my business every single day she is not there, I’m really finding it mentally And emotionally hard holding the fort whilst she sits at home and travels out of town,sends her children to school, all whilst getting paid.