Reply To: Hi – we are two Strength & Conditioning coaches who have started an online business during lockdown. Our business is called Limitless and focuses on delivering athletic Strength and Conditioning Programmes and all that goes with.We now need to move towards branding (properly) and a website build.I was wondering if you could recommend a supplier that might suit our needs. Obviously we are a start up and need to do this in stages and in a cost effective way – but also someone that might understand the nuances of the fitness industry and its unique content creation.Many thanks in advance and kindest regardsLeanne Prichard 

Hi there
JT’s suggestion above is spot on. I also like the disruption model of thinking which in this case would mean finding websites you like that are specifically NOT in the fitness industry. This way you’re not contained or restrained by fitness-type sites. It helps you think broadly, differently. The other way to apply disruption thinking is to identify brands you really love, and ask yourself how would they do it, eg:
If Google was offering strength & conditioning programmes, what would their site offer?
If Air New Zealand… if the All Blacks…
In terms of the nuances of the fitness industry, if you have a really clear brief, any good website designer/developer should be able to deliver. One thing we used to specify in our marketing briefs back in my marketing day was what we want our clients to think, feel, and do when they engage with our site/product.
Hope that helps in this first stage. Good luck!