Reply To: How can I redo our web site to make it easier to use.

It sounds fairly straightforward – make it easy to use. But it takes a lot of skill to make websites both look good and work well (for both the user and the owner, oh, and Google as well of course!).

So you need to think about it from your customers point of view – who are they, what do they want to know, what do they need. And that can be different depending on how they reached your site.

Then you need to guide them from whatever stage they are at in the buying cycle to taking the next step. That could be someone still in the research phase of buying (i.e. they have a problem but don’t yet know what kind of solutions are available). Or it could be someone who knows exactly what they want and are ready to buy it.

So that ‘next step’ could be contacting you with questions, or reading more detailed content or downloading a white paper. Or just adding an item to their shopping cart. But whatever it is, ‘how to take that next step’ needs to be clear and obvious. Remove distractions and confusion, make ‘calls to action’ easy to find and don’t make people jump through more hoops than is absolutely necessary.

And do test your site on your phone – does it work well, does it work at all. Around 60% of all website visits now come from phones – so this isn’t optional anymore 🙂

It’s also helpful to have Google Analytics set up for your site (and know how to use it). Then you can start to understand how people move through your site (and where you lose them).