Reply To: Hi all, keen to get some fresh ideas for marketing my business post lockdown. To generate sales and new stockists. I’m 80% wholesale selling eco products but there is scope to increase my website sales. I don’t think my story is as clear as it could be as I have tried to keep my personal life out but I’m wondering it that should change? I need a fresh approach and I’m stuck for ideas!! Thanks everyone x

Wholesale selling eco products? Awesome! Definitely review your current messaging and get some fresh eyes across your branding. We all like a bit of back story (your “why” you are passionate about eco products), yes, even for wholesale. And look at ways you can optimise the entire customer experience across your website (from search through to checkout).

Looking for new stockists? Leverage the power and amplification of social media, including engagement within online communities. This of course means you need a content strategy, so make sure you are regularly creating content (educational, informative, life hacks, etc) that is able to be shared widely. Video content (perhaps short “how to” videos) is particularly effective for your social media channels.

All the best!