Reply To: How can I redo our web site to make it easier to use.

Kia ora @bay-plas,

Some good advice above. My only thoughts: You say you want to “redo” your site “make it easier to use” – this implies that either you feel it’s not easy to use, or you’ve heard from others that it’s not. Kei te pai…

One approach you could take on this would be to look at some “use case” scenarios. That is:
– Who’s visiting.
– What are they trying to achieve;
– What steps do they need to take to achieve it.

Once you have this, identify the top 1-3 that potentially drive your sales funnel. Tackle improvements on these first. Your goal is to eliminate friction in that flow. Make it all easier. You can also talk to your customers (users) and validate your findings.

Once you have done this you should be able to work out what needs to be done to reduce/illuminate the friction. Involve your web folks in this. I’m sure this approach will be something they’re familiar with.

@martin-waterhouse mentioned Google Analytics (GA). You’ve got to build visibility first if you don’t have it and GA is an essential too for this. There’s also things like A-B testing where you test-and-learn on changes you make. Useful if you have sufficient transactional volume.

Last thought. If above sounds kind of involving and complex then that’s because it can be. People specialise in this stuff and you’ve got to ask yourself whether you want to build your own expertise in this (vs. doing your core business). Also, if you have a business that suits a standard eCommerce kind of implementation – select a qty of widgets, adding them to a shopping basket and then checking out – it may be worth just piggy backing the superior user experience of standard platforms out there (shopify, magento etc. ). If you have a service company investigate standard service offerings that might fit. There may even be one suited to your industry.

I hope that helps. Happy to help more if you want to reach me via LinkedIn.

Kia kaha!


ps: Sounds like there may be some govt initiatives targeting eCommerce enablement/improvement for businesses in the pipeline. So, worth keeping an ear to the ground on this…