Reply To: Hi there, we are a very new start up recently gone live in a pandemic (not the plan). We are running on the smell of an oily rag, have pretty much 0 brand awareness and need sales to justify more spend on growing awareness via marketing. We are a kids, fun online financial literacy course and are leveraging the new ‘home learning’ message via social as well as reaching out to people/parenting sites offering free course access to get exposure, we are doing some paid social advertising and written a blog article/posted on FB with ideas on how to start talking about money as a family in an attempt to build the brand in a helpful/conversational way. Given many families are feeling the financial pinch and tightening their belts, now is a great time for kids to understand & appreciate the value of money & develop positive money habits and behaviours for the future – how do we best leverage all of this without a) looking like we are trying to make a quick buck in very uncertain times for families and b) how much $$ to invest on brand building without the prospect of sales immediately??  Cheers

Thank you for your suggestions – we are making great advances in the influencer/media/pr space and we have already reached out to a few parenting/kid sites e.g. Kidspot/TotstoTeens with giveaways etc to help with generating users into our free trial who ultimately become purchasers. I love the budgeting competition idea – will definitely do this!