Reply To: Hi Team. I saw you on breakfast, how amazing you are helping others and supporting NZ business. We are starting up a small business selling honey. My husband, brother and father are beekeepers. We produce unique honey but we need help to get it out to the market place. We would love to have a website to help it grow. We would appreciate some advice and help with this, please. Thank you !

Hi Ange

Awesome! New ventures are always exciting.

You can get something stood up by yourself on Shopify very easily and affordably. Shopify is designed for commerce. They offer a 90-day free trial, so you can see if its fit for purpose. The other benefit of the platform is that it is something you can grow with. There are a host of additional apps available you can use as your business expands.

When you’re setting up your website I’d pay close attention to your story (which sounds awesome!), what sets you apart & content (imagery). Its always great to look at your competition, see what they do well/not so well and replicate the good stuff in your own way.

I know Manaaki is also working with Swiftly to offer 1000 free websites. However, I’ll let someone else on the team explain that great promotion.