Reply To: Hi, we are a Bistro & Bar in Picton.  We purchased the business in October last year.  It was quite run down and we spent money replacing the TAB with a takeaway coffee area.  The majority of our customers were tourists.  Our landlords give us 2 months off paying rent.  We have 3 staff for whom we got the wage subsidy for.  Our bank gave us a $15,000 overdraft and we got the IRD loan for $15,400.  Our question is how long do you think we should try to keep going before deciding to close.  Thank you.

Great suggestions from Craig and Andy.

Another build once you have looked at your forecast, go back to your landlord. They may not be able to re-let the space in the current environment. It might be possible to negotiate a longer rent free or discounted time to support a longer recovery plan. There may be other suppliers you can talk to as well about reducing supply costs for a period of time, to then support the business through to future trading.

And once all that thinking and work is done, take a step back and work out what is best for you.

Good luck in these tough times.