Reply To: Feeling overwhelmed Since the lockdown I have enjoyed the time at home but the return to work under level 2 is difficult as sales and customers visiting the store are way down, this is increased my anxiety level, not sleeping very well and having trouble focusing on tasks, and have some hard decisions to make regarding staff if sales continue this way. Where can I find help personally?

Hi Steve,
Thanks for writing in and expressing what you are feeling right now. Yes the feeling of being overwhelmed is a difficult space to be in. It can be quite challenging, and is totally understandable during these days of Covid. So much has changed and we are all navigating new environments and business structures. Poor sleep will certainly compound things and heighten our emotions, and abilities to make sound decisions. If you can find a way to meditate daily , (great App called Waking Up available) which basically brings us back to the breath and the sensations of the moment. Its like Mindfulness. I use this daily, some times more than once a day.There is actually a meditation “In emergency” session based around the stress of Covid and the fall outs from it. Sleep hygiene is vitally important so meditation and quiet time an hour before bedtime is recommended. As a natural supplement sleep support Melatonin can be useful for some. Perhaps have a chat with your Dr and see what sleep support they can offer you. The usual recommendations of no coffee after 12 o clock, regular exercise and a physical exercise plan all are beneficial. These suggestions also help with anxiety.
If I am finding I’m suffering stress through mainly external pressure and decisions I make a list of the situations I have control over or can influence and those I cannot. Sometimes even this small activity helps lessens the feeling of being overwhelmed. There is only so much influence I can have and sometimes I realise I need to just let somethings go and allow them to play out. Its not easy. Navigating what’s needed with staff will be a tough one…. that sense of commitment to others. I don’t now the dynamics so all I can says Be kind, Considerate and caring. Allow the staff, who may need to be restructured, or let go their dignity. Thats nurtured with honesty, integrity and appreciation for them. But remember _ unless you do it quickly the rest of your business will be impacted, so do it quickly and this will also reduce your stress.
I wish you all the best