Reply To: Jacinda Ardern wears our (handmade fine porcelain and 9 carat gold) earrings on a weekly basis and has done for the last few years. Our key to business success is to direct sales through our website. How can we leverage Jacinda wearing our earrings to drive sales nationally and internationally?

Hi Sam,
I am assuming you have an e-Commerce website and that Jacinda is not a paid endorser! So, you need to be a little careful with using her image. However, you should be pumping up your digital communication to highlight this fact. Im sure popping in an image of our PM wearing your merchandise will be safe ground to play in but you can’t lead customers to think she is endorsing your product.

There has always been some chatter about her earring choices so you might find a way to gain some PR by approaching one of the breakfast TV shows who are big on highlighting small business doing great things and combining your Jacinda earring angle with and general conversation on earring styles might be something that gets the producers interested.

Hope this helps.