Reply To: Hi team, I am currently working as a self employed fitness coach out of a gym and I also run mobile coaching sessions and fitness classes through my own business. I am wanting to grow my business both within the gym and also my own business. Things I have thought of are video testimonials, videos of the classes themselves, FB/IG marketing , flyers etc. what would be in your experience the best way to showcase these things where I would get a number of leads. I have done FB marketing before and found this hasn’t really produced many leads. I am also wanting to relook at my systems I have in place for on and off birding of my clients. As the sole owner and runner of my business these are some things that have slipped away from me over the last few months! Appreciate your time with this and thanks for putting this in place to help us small business owners through what has been a tough couple of months and will be hard going forward ! Kind regardsNat

The best marketing activity, especially for a service business like yours, is word-of-mouth from your current customers. Not only is it low cost, but it is much more likely to result in a “sale” for you. If a friend or family member of mine gives a strong recommendation for a product or a service to me, I am much more likely to look into that than if I noticed a Facebook post, a paid listing, etc.
So how can you encourage this?
The first thing to do is to ask!
Talk to your clients, send them an email, call them on the phone, hand them a promotional flyer … encourage them to help you.
You could also consider something more tangible. For example, one free class for every new customer they refer to you. Or maybe a new exercise mat (with your logo on it, of course).
This requires you to have good systems in place, both to know who you current customers are, who are the new customers coming on-board, and how they heard about you.
All the best.