Reply To: Jacinda Ardern wears our (handmade fine porcelain and 9 carat gold) earrings on a weekly basis and has done for the last few years. Our key to business success is to direct sales through our website. How can we leverage Jacinda wearing our earrings to drive sales nationally and internationally?

Hi Sam

Congrats on getting your earrings on the PM for so long!

This is a great angle for some PR. Here are a couple of things you could consider.

1) ‘What’s hot’ lists. In lifestyle media: newspaper inserts, magazines, blogs where you see the flat lays of must-have products you could pitch your product with a short 50 word blurb, explaining that these earrings are ‘as worn by New Zealand’s PM’. Include a high res product shot. You could couple this with a giveaway for some of your higher readership outlets. Make a list of your target market’s favourite titles and study how the what’s hot sections are presented.
2) Instagram: show Jacinda some love in a light hearted way with your weekly Jacinda ‘looks’. Take a pic of her on TV or repost from a news outlet and tag both the outlets and Jacinda in. You could also work in a giveaway here too.
3) Along the lines of what my colleagues were saying above ^^, it could be an excellent time to launch the Jacinda earring. With some proceeds going to a good cause. For the wearer, they can reach for these earrings when they have a big work day – and channel some kind, calm, boss vibes. Send a beautiful box to Jacinda with a hand-written note thanking her for her support of your label. OR approach Jacinda to help you design them, percentage of proceeds to charity of her choice. Maximum kudos! Then you could do a full media launch around this and we could talk to broadcast, international titles.

If you would like to chat, feel free to give me a buzz. 021-493-564. b@bravebear.co.nz. You’ve got this!
Bee xx