Reply To: Xero – Hi Thanks for setting up this website for us Our company uses xero very poorly – I attend the online sessions and basically sit there more confused from when I started – what is the best way moving forward to put everything into xero and just start from the beginning – I know once it’s set up then life will be awesome – CheersCurtis 

Hi Curtis

We have some basic training courses and I’d highly recommend that you, and your team, look at some of our free learning videos on Xero Central. There are various topics including accounting tasks, specialty functionality, as well as leadership, wellbeing etc. https://central.xero.com/s/learning-topics

A good advisor who has a lot of Xero clients, will be able to give you some tailored coaching to help you streamline and speed up processing. You’ll find that even an hour makes a huge difference in your knowledge and understanding. Write down a list of questions beforehand and submit them so that the advisor (accountant, bookkeeper, consultant) has time to look at these and also add things that you may not have asked. We often don’t know what we don’t know, but a good advisor can point that out.