Reply To: Hi there. We are tenants and I am trying to understand who is responsible for the payment of replacement Emergency Lighting, we have around 15 of them in our building and they cost $300 to replace, they all seem to be up for replacement and this is becoming a lot of money? Who is responsible for this cost the tenant or the landlord? The last one was paid by the landlord and they are now saying we are responsible. Out lease states the landlords are responsible for payment of replacement items, whereas the tenant is responsible for repairs and maintenance. The fire service people are stating  the most economical way is to replace? Can you please advise? Many thanks

Hi thanks for the responses, this is tricky as the cost to replace a battery or any part seems to be the same cost as replacing the whole unit? Does that mean they are my cost? All 15 were installed at the same time so looks like it will be an ongoing problem, are lease has 1 year to run. Any further comments greatly appreciated. thanks