Reply To: Kia Ora….Linda here supervisory manager from Te Hana Te Ao Marama Marae and Maori Culture Centre. Our social enterprise has suffered a 100% loss of bookings due to Covid 19. We have made no income since lock down. Making it worse we have had to pay back deposits of bookings going forward and one inbound tour operator still owes us money…We previously had 15 local whanau involved in the mahi on the Marae and in our village. We have managed to to keep on 5 PT with Covid subsidy. This will of course end in 11 weeks. In the meantime we are faced with overheads for power, phone,insurance etc….help please??

Kia Ora -how can you generate some revenue from today, how can you get some business from the domestic tourists? Do you have a profile of the previous visitors and can you learn from these groups who are domestic around attracting similar types? A