Reply To: Hi, I would love some advice on how to market an nz made natural health product.  I have loads of ideas and have tried to get the ball rolling but it just isnt my specialty.  I am a herbalist and make the product myself but cant quite cut through the red tape and rule and regulations to hit the market.  Please connect me with someone to chat this through with thank you in advance Amanda Haskell

Hi Amanda, I can connect you to a few people over here who know how to get this done. I would say that the regulatory hurdles are significant depending on both the formulation and the claims you are looking to make. And they are relatively common across different western countries. Some navigate them by direct selling out of NZ direct to consumer, but as you point out, this doesn’t help if you are looking to take advantage of full retail/etail distribution. As a next step, shoot me an email directly or connect via Linked-in and I will make the connection to a the people I know who do this work.