Reply To: Hi initially my sales took off when I posted on nz made products now things have quietened down how do I keep the momentum going? Thank you

Marianne – That’s great you reached out, and there has been a lot of great advice.

On a more practical level, perhaps you can engage in a find out what resonated with people and leverage this to reach others. If you promoted your products on NZ Made and got good interest, perhaps you can create a survey for people to fill in that had engaged with your post? You can see who liked your post and who commented, and then who bought.One survey for those that purchased and a different survey for those that engaged with the post, but didn’t purchase.

I’d start with the group that purchased, as they would be your biggest raving fans. Find out why they purchased, what inspired them, which products they liked. Find out a bit about them. Then, see if you can find a similar target market through Google Adwords / Facebook ads, etc. Perhaps you can even create a referral programme for those that purchased, so they can help be your advocates to spread the word.

Then, you could take the learnings from this group and adjust your survey to the non-purchasers.

For everyone that engaged, if they fill in the survey, ensure you collect their email address and ask for permission to email market to them in the future. This will then start a database for more regular comms with your target markets.

Go well! Leslie