Reply To: Hello, thanks for creating this great site! I am looking at developing a book subscription box and hoping for some advice on a few areas: How can I become a registered bookseller and access wholesale markets? Is there an umbrella membership somewhere for small scale sellers?With this kind of product start up is it reasonable to create a site for pre orders to gauge demand? Thank you!Anna

Morena Anna.
Great feedback from Andy. I would add that it is notoriously hard to get people to tell you accurately when they want something new. They either under or over estimate how they will use the new product or service, so while some insight is better than none, some additional data points may be useful. For example have you seen this service in other markets? Can you approach some one offering something similar in another market and see if they would be prepared to share any insights about getting started and possible volumes? You will need to scale for NZ of course and also consider how much you can afford to invest in marketing your service to get started.

You will also want to think through what is the specific value add that your subscription service will offer that buyers can’t get elsewhere?

As a keen reader I’m keen to see where your idea goes! Vicky