Reply To: Hello Team,we are a new start up selling ready to eat meals through our website gourmetbrothers.co.nzwe have had virtually no orders at all while we read in media that this trend is on the up and such businesses are likely to do well in coming times. We have offered a mix of lifestyle meals like keto, vegan, gluten and dairy free, however still no luck. We invested all savings to come here and are running out of ideas. We would really appreciate if you guys can look at our website and suggest us what could we do to get going.Thanks heaps.RegardsRonnie

Hi. This topic has been well traversed already. A couple of additional points. I wonder if the four day delay from ordering to delivery is an issue? Have ups considered frozen meals that can be delivered quickly and then reheated?
And nowhere on the site do I understand why you’re called the ‘Gourmet Brothers’. It cries out for an explanation.

No new business is going to be instantly successful. If you believe in it, keep working at it. Good luck.