Reply To: Hello, thanks for creating this great site! I am looking at developing a book subscription box and hoping for some advice on a few areas: How can I become a registered bookseller and access wholesale markets? Is there an umbrella membership somewhere for small scale sellers?With this kind of product start up is it reasonable to create a site for pre orders to gauge demand? Thank you!Anna

Morena Andy and Vicky,

Thank you both so much for the feedback and advice, the concept is similar to food boxes here in NZ, but with books and bookish products. There are a few beauty and fitness type boxes around. I’ve not found any of the type I am envisaging here in NZ but they appear to do well in Australia, USA and UK, it’s a great idea to reach out to some of them for insights, I will do that. I have some ideas for value add, and really appreciate the nudge on a presale type site, that will give me confidence it’s worth doing or not. I’ll remember to share this with you Vicky when I have something ready to look at!

Nga mihi