Reply To: Hey Team, I run a certified social enterprise business (www.charitytea.co.nz) that makes a social, environmental and climate impact. I’m interested in ideas in how to reach decision makers in the corporate space. I’d like to offer wholesale staff room supplies and help business to fulfill their “broader outcomes”. Thanks for your time 


Hi Gillyb there are often gatekeepers to that purchasing group that you need to work out how to get in front of. Many will be purchasing through major suppliers such as Bidvest, etc, or from a wholesaler like Gilmours. So the trick will be working out which customers might be more receptive to your offer and start with them. Perhaps identify a list of ten-twenty organisations you respect for their values alignment with what you do, and then work the phones to get in touch with the right person and pitch them your concept. Afterwards, ask them for feedback. What was compelling, what were the barriers to purchasing. You can then hone your offer for the next twenty you approach and so on.

Good luck! Vicky