Reply To: I’m wanting to revamp the look of our site.We currently use weebly and I built it myself. I feel it doesn’t give off the quality look that our food does.Focus would be on imagery and storytelling of our business.Weebly has its limits as i need to prepare our site for the ability to sell via Instagram ect. I have contemplated doing another site myself again but it might just feel flat again like the last.I was just thinking you guys would recommend someone good that could help out? Cheers ikabowl.co.nz


Hey there, just checked out the site and it looks great so far! Seconding what Andy said, I wonder whether redoing the website because of the functionality is the right direction, or whether you could work with your existing site to make small improvements and/or improve the photography, to see if that can have an immediate impact first? In my experience, websites can often get very complicated very fast with developers & adding code in the mix, and sometimes it can be better as a small business owner to have something that is simple, you can edit yourself and update when you bring out new products or want to make changes fast. Additionally, working on the imagery, page flow and wording on the website to try to get people converting once they land there, is sometimes more effective than revamping the whole site altogether.

Depending on your budget, I can recommend the following people to help with the above:
Photography: Josh Griggs – https://www.joshgriggs.co.nz/food-1 / https://www.instagram.com/joshgriggs_/?hl=en
Development: Nelson Shaw – https://nelsonshaw.com/

Also, Unicorn Factory is a NZ online marketplace for freelancers, so you might be able to find a combination of people to help – https://www.unicornfactory.nz/

Hope this helps!