Reply To: Hello Team,we are a new start up selling ready to eat meals through our website gourmetbrothers.co.nzwe have had virtually no orders at all while we read in media that this trend is on the up and such businesses are likely to do well in coming times. We have offered a mix of lifestyle meals like keto, vegan, gluten and dairy free, however still no luck. We invested all savings to come here and are running out of ideas. We would really appreciate if you guys can look at our website and suggest us what could we do to get going.Thanks heaps.RegardsRonnie


In terms of your website I’d recommend looking at your competitors to see how they sell themselves.

For example, if you look at the ‘My Food Bag’ homepage it’s immediately very clear: “Dinner made easy. We’re your answer to ‘what’s for dinner?’ with deliciously easy recipes and fresh, free range New Zealand ingredients delivered to your door.”

In comparison I don’t understand what “Your Lifestyle Guide. We are more than just food delivery” really means. You’re not life coaches, right? 🙂

Note: the photo on your Facebook page of your packaged products both explains your product better and makes you look ‘real’.

Then, when writing your homepage content, think of your ideal customer… who are they, what do they want, what are their problems that you’re solving. Then ‘speak’ directly to them.

I do like the brand name, but as mentioned above, why that name? Are you brothers? It would improve trust in your site if your about page gave more information about who you are and where your skills come from (it’s OK if you’re self taught enthusiasts – Nadia Lim is ‘just a home cook’ – but you might also be trained chefs with a fancy commercial kitchen..?).

All that said, here’s a couple of suggestions to kick-start some sales now:-

  1. I see you’ve done some giveaways. Keep following up with those people (everyone who entered). Make them a special offer. Stay in touch with them – build a relationship.
  2. Test out different offers. What about a “free meal – you just pay shipping” offer or “50% off your first order” etc? So people can try it out with less risk – if they like it they’ll order more. But again, keep following up.