Reply To: Hi thereI look after marketing for NZ Tourism Guide (tourism.net.nz). A bit about NZ Tourism Guide:1) It’s one of NZs largest directories of tour operators in NZ2) Last year 250k visitors per month visited the site each month. Over 50% of the visitors are Kiwi.3) 3 key benefits of tour operators listing with NZ Tourism Guide:a) Tourists visiting their website via NZ Tourism Guide.b) You can list with NZ Tourism Guide for a little over the cost of a flat white a weekc) Being linked to NZ Tourism Guide boosts a tour operators site’s search rankingThe team are passionate about doing their bit to get the industry back on its feet. We’d appreciate advice on any funding available and how we could best attract new tour operators to NZ Toursim Guide.  Thanks in advance. Cheers Jono


Jono, Thanks for reaching out. Really good question you have asked, and the advice from Phil and Jason is spot on. It might be worthwhile to look in to the Tourism Transitions Programme to help through the thinking on a possible pivot.

I don’t think there is a simple answer. You’ll need to prove that you deliver tangible business results for each of your customers, particular in this environment. Do you have case studies that can show your ROI from direct bookings the customers can receive through your website traffic?

Given all the work being done in the domestic market and the various Facebook groups and other new websites that have started in the last couple of months, perhaps it might be best to start with some user understanding and see the value your customers get from your product. This can then help inform your strategy going forward. As the others have indicated, the strategy may be one of retention right now rather than growth. Or through retention, it will give you clarify of insight of your value proposition and how that will relate to your new target markets.

Wondering if there are any insights on traffic since Covid in terms of what the domestic users are looking for, either in location, types of activities, types of accommodation, etc that can then be used to target similar organisations that are not yet on your site.

And, are there any partnerships that you could explore where your database could be quite useful to the other company. It looks like you have a substantial customer base that could be leverage with other companies too.

Good luck on your next phase. Leslie