Reply To: Kia ora,I’m in the process of gifting my business to the people of NZ, however I want the profits of the business to go to the Iwi of NZ through a Trust/Beneficiary situation. The aim is for Maori to take control of their own communications, through the networks of Niche Media and the 80 media companies which operate out of the “Bureau of Ethnic Communication”. This provides a fully managed resource and income for Iwi to improve communications and opportunities for jobs in the Communications sector.Is there someone in Manaaki who can advise how best to set this up? 


Kia Ora

Sounds like you need a ‘trust’ structure in place where you create ‘wishes’ for the utilisation of the income stream to be utilised in support of the wishes on settling the trust. The question in this will be whether the Trust is a Charitable Trust or a simple Private Trust – it really depends on what is the most appropriate for the situation and your objectives.

Are there profits that can be leveraged already or is it something that needs to be built?

What a wonderful legacy this could be – Andy