Reply To: I am a second hand book dealer, have got one of your websites, but have only sold some books to a friend. Been handing out a little ‘blurb’ with each sale, but would really appreciate if you guys could look at the website and suggest what I could do to get moving.Thanks Twyla at dickensbooksnapier.swiftly.nz


Hi there

I’ve had a quick look at your website and it appears impossible for search for what I’m looking for in any way at all. I’ve entered a book title, an author’s name or a genre into the search bar, and literally nothing happens.

I suspect that people visit secondhand bookstores online not to browse, but rather looking for specific books or authors / genres of interest. Unless you can make this happen, it seems unlikely the site will generate any sales at all.

Selling stuff online is all about understanding why people are seeking to buy online – maybe you could talk to your existing in-person clientele to understand how they would use an online secondhand bookstore?

Hope that helps…