Reply To: Hey Team, I run a certified social enterprise business (www.charitytea.co.nz) that makes a social, environmental and climate impact. I’m interested in ideas in how to reach decision makers in the corporate space. I’d like to offer wholesale staff room supplies and help business to fulfill their “broader outcomes”. Thanks for your time 


Hi Gill

Awesome initiative, nice web site too. Access these days with Linked In makes it super easier to find ways to get into organisations, however getting access and that being coupled with decision makers is super hard. When I see corporates making calls like this, it seems to me that there are two types of scenarios – the founder of the charity/initiative knows a board member or the CEO and the ‘CEO’ says lets do it; or there is a category manager in the exec team (at whatever level) who has the budget and ability to make the call and it aligns to their goals.

Either situation, it is getting to those people – which means identifying them, starting with ‘one’ which probably engaging with many more to get one to say ‘yes’ – then when you get one yes, you ask them to recommend any other companies like theirs, and you have two.

Unless you can get an organisation like Gilmours to stock you and they do the recommending?

Or find a similar purpose driven charity that is already doing this with Corporates who could recommend you e.g. Eat My Lunch etc.