Reply To: We have been running Facebook ads for our online business for about 5 months and have a fairly steady income of 12k NZD / month. We are spending about 2k NZD / month on ads. We don’t have expertise in Facebook ads / pixels but have learned a lot over the past months. These online sales have saved our business from insolvency but we will need to bring in more to start getting salaries again. We have two campaigns going in the UK (where our business and customers are based). One of the campaigns has just exited the ‘learning phase’ but the other is still in it. We just optimised our website with updated template and checkout process. Now we are working on getting updated product photos, new product bundles, and better brand/product stories. Our online sales still go up and down quite a bit and we want to better understand the Facebook/ Shopify interface in hopes of stabalising sales and pushing them over the 20k/month mark.  We look forward to a response!! boskke.com


Hi Hannah,

I am an old friend of Pug and Jake from London days. I am also the owner of http://www.likeablelab.com and http://www.leadsocial.co.nz and have a solid team of social media experts that could lend you guys a hand! If you or Jake/Pug wanted to give me a call then I am happy to lend a hand. Please email me first to set up a time – nick@likeablelab.com.

Cheers, Nick