Reply To: Hi Manaaki.I’m not a business, just an individual with an idea and no clue how to advance to the next step of finding who to talk to about it.It’s a very simple idea that will save lives. It’s for our emergency services.The people I’ve spoken to who would use this product/service, fire, ambulance and police, have all said It’s a great idea and will definitely save lives and that I should talk to their bosses.The more I looked into it and the further up the food chain I got, the more red tape and bureaucracy I encountered. This will probably need governmental approval and implementation.All I have is an idea. It’s so easy to implement into our nationwide systems, I’ve checked. All it’d need is approval from up high and some very simple software that even I could write. All I want it to do at the moment is to save lives, and it will. That was guaranteed to me by the emergency services people I spoke with (about 40 of them across the services).The thing is, the systems that are needed for this to work, which are all there and in use already nationwide, are also used in Australia, the UK, Canada and the U.S. As well as other countries. If we get this going here then I could have a product to sell overseas to support my family. That’s my main driving force behind reaching out to you now.Thanks for reading this and I’m sorry for the cryptic wording. It’s such a simple idea that I don’t want anyone else stealing it.I need your help there too.Cheers for any help,Pete.Ps I’m in CHCH so if any of you are here too then a meeting with you would be wonderful, if you do that sort of thing.


G’day Andy, I never heard from you.
Still keen to chat if you have the time.