Reply To: What is the best way to get more traffic to your website without spending a crazy amount of money on Google and Facebook ads?


And to add in more – focus on a niche. A tiny part of the world who are deeply interested in your ONE thing. Yes, ONE…

Then find where people who are interested in that hang out.
e.g. Tesla fans
Maori All black fans
People who knit
People with 3 year old girl children

And so when you can find groups, websites, forums where these people gather. Then you can use your content creation, SEO and social media profiles to engage with those audiences….. After that, some of them will visit your website and maybe join your mailing list or buy.

So where to start?
First do the research into
1 – who is your audience?
2 – where do they hang out?

Then write the answers back here… and the @Manaaki team will tell you the next thing to do. (Or I will!)