Reply To: hi everyone. I run an auction house and I am beginning to be able to sell SOME of my household goods easily, but now really need to turn to getting more estates and commercial clears on a regular basis. I have cold called a number of places like the Public Trust, been to see a funeral home, consulted with a real estate agent, tried facebook advertising and returned VERY LITTLE action on a call for estates or figured out a way to attract more. We are sometimes told that we are too small (not enough reach) for the liquidators and the professional services like elderly assist told us we could not pay enough per item for them. But the fact remains, I need good product to sell, and to buy it cheaply so I can sell it cheaply. (Auckland)


Hi Pookles, following on from Andy also. It appears you have positioned yourself in the “buy cheap, sell cheap” market, therefore I have assumed that volume and quick turnover is where you will make your money. Everything you do, therefore should be aligned to this – answering those questions posed by Andy will help you determine your supply for this market. Another option is to critically review those household goods that you have been able to sell easily – is there a pattern or common thread to these and are you able to change your model from rather than buying estate or bulk, (and having the by-product of items difficult to shift), to pricing and selling individual, easy to shift items. This may take more work initially, buy might deliver you a better overall return. Pip.