Reply To: Does anyone have any tips on the best approach to finding out a single market need/pain point for a international market such as the US or UK? Without actually being local it makes it hard to validate so any thoughts would be welcomed on how this could be done from afar, or at least to break some ground initially.


Hi Patrick. You already have some great advice here, but adding a bit more for the US specifically as this is where I’ve spent the majority of my career. Because it is such a big market, everything operates by industry — so how you would approach positioning a software product in building/construction, education, commercial cleaning, manufacturing, events and venues would be completely different. My advice would be to figure out which ONE it resonates strongly with, and as a first milestone secure a validated use case using all the advice above in that single industry. (Ex: if you’re going for manufacturing: start by listing the top manufacturing companies in each region of the US and see on LinkedIn if you have second or 3rd connections in any of them. Also research who you think the target person would be at each company that might be interested in your tool. Message each with a link to a demo of your product or an easy summary of what it does/what problem it solves and ask them if they know anyone who would be interested in learning more. Set a goal for yourself to secure a demo or trial in one company, and that’s your first marker of success!) Start small, and once you have a validated use case other people will give you referrals and you’ll organically secure momentum.

Also, as a side note with COVID-19 and the general political climate in the US right now, I would avoid both education and events + venues. Commercial cleaning, manufacturing and building/construction (which we call “Contractors”) are better targets. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if you have any other US-market specific questions: shell.claire.allbon@gmail.com