Reply To: Hi Team. I’ve created a range of nutritionally boosted pet treats  Our signature product is a range of nutritionally boosted “bliss balls” (a first in the market ) for pets (chicken and pilchard, meat lovers , lamb and blueberry and a pet friendly Peanut butter “Pawnut butter” (Not for human consumption) Both packed with grass fed organs, flax , hemp , bone broth and more. Our products are all “Born and bred in NZ , trademarked Registered and recipe tested  Our products are all dehydrated, not freeze dried or oven baked. Dehydration means all the goodness of the ingredients are retained in the finished product .  Our biggest hurdle is finding a commercially viable dehydration facility to get us into the mass production phase. Before we go out to market (We already have sales via 2 pet stores) to start selling online and in stores , China Singapore ….we need to ensure we can meet demand once we go live. My first question is :We are wanting advice on whether we invest in the technology in house production or we find a partner in the industry …… Any advice is priceless. Thx so much. Aprilanne …..Malos mum 


Also, good job on the Hits promo – as one of the things I have learned with Manaaki this year is that organic traffic to your site is super super hard, most of the traffic comes as a result of you doing something – whether that is running events, or PR or paid media – but no one really turns up unless you do something – so keep that mind, and keep thinking about where your target audience are and how you get access to them.

We are biased, and I know you don’t want to create another Shop, but one place that has been working for some businesses is our family/whanau group http://www.chooice.co.nz which is a marketplace for small producers – much like http://www.Konei.nz – they build audiences to come to your shop, that might be an option (we are biased).