Reply To: Hi there,We are a collaborative design business just starting up, called Ember-Ruby Design service. We are in need of some advice, as we need to purchase ArchiCAD 2021 to start our first job that we have been contracted, (we had the earlier version of this software but it is no longer compatible) This software is expensive an upfront cost of $10,700 and because we haven’t traded before we don’t know how we would be able to get a loan or grant to help us. Any advice would be very appreciative as we really don’t want to turn this job down. Kindest regards, Calit 


Hi Calit – that is so good, well done! For this first job, could you borrow a mate or colleague’s machine to do the work or find a friendly firm who has licenses that you could borrow while you do the job, to get the money, to pay for the licenses?