Reply To:  Hi there, My husband and I have owned our business for close to 10 years and built it from scratch to a now successful and known brand. We employ 8 people currently. It took a long time and many hours of work to build it up and it is only in the last few years we’ve been able to reap the rewards. It’s been a tough year mentally and we are at a point where we want to throw the towel in. Not because of Covid or financial stresses, the business is doing well at the moment,  but because we are sick of dealing with the day to day dramas of staff and managing people which takes away from the reason we do what we do and the reason behind why we started this business. We’ve also been thinking lately about what is our end goal, what is our exit plan and where to next, can we expand, if so how, do we sell? To who? Close down? What about our lease?  We don’t really want to just throw away 10 years worth of hard work for nothing…But it is getting to the point where this is draining and we feel like we have no real direction. What are our options and who can we go to for advice with this sort of thing? I feel we need a mentor to advise and help guide us on what the next step should be. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks in advance. An over worked family. 


Just saw this and I feel for you too. Sounds like you are at the end of your tether and a business coach could be useful to support you in identifying what might need a ‘culture re-set’ in your business given it sounds like the team is not united if the people issues are so draining. No one will be motivated to work on our business as much as we will and engaging a team on a united mission is no easy task if you don’t have the people on board who are committed to success. I am happy for you to call for a chat re the people side of things and team development but preparing a business for sale is not my bag so I encourage you to take Andy up on his contact offerings. You can email me direct on flyon.aj@xtra.co.nz to make a time to chat if you need a safe ear to talk through whats going on with the team. Sometimes simply acknowledging the frustration out loud as you have here can shift the energy – I hope that happens for you but we are here if you need support. Keep the faith and all the best.