Thanks for reaching out Habipax!

Would you be able to clarify who is your target market – ie are you a B2B supplier or are you targeting individual consumers? You would then want all the marketing, content, etc crafted in a way that resonates with your target market.

In relation to your products being better, what makes elastic better? What makes your elastic better? It sounds like there is an educational role to do to inform your customers how good your product is, and why it’s better. I couldn’t find any information on your site about the quality and story behind your products.

Also, if the market is so conditioned to more expensive = better, have you considered raising your prices? It might be interesting to see what happens. At the moment, your site is very transactional, being very focussed on selling products. As there is not a lot of content around the story of the business, the story of the specific items you sell, it is easy for viewers to make a conclusion it is a price driven business and a “cheaper” brand.

Your brand should reflect your quality aspect, in all that you do. The imagery, the layout, the language you use. Bring alive your story, the history behind the people, the name, the quality.